Thursday, 18 March 2010


STATALE 106 - Cronaca di un surf trip ai confini meridionali d'Europa. from BDR on Vimeo.

"STATALE 106 - Chronical of a surf trip to Europe's southernmost border" is a documentary that follows the steps of a trip in search of waves along Calabria's Jonian coast in southern Italy. Starting their search from the rivermouth of Bova Marina, Emiliano Cataldi, Valentina D'Azzeo and Leonardo Santini begin exploring the coast for empty beachbreaks and reefbreaks. In the first part the images of the action mix with the scenes from everyday life, while in the second part bursts the sad reality of the migrants' plight across the Mediterranean. In the video, Emiliano's voice is accompained by the folk music of local band Mattanza.

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