Friday, 21 May 2010

FREE " All Right Now "

Fantastic version of All Right Now - Filmed at the Isle of Wight Festival on Sunday August 30th 1970 - Free, here at their zenith played to in excess of 0.6 Million people! This song was released in the summer of 1970 and is the final track on the album 'Fire and Water'. According to drummer Simon Kirke "All Right Now" was written by Andy Fraser in the Durham Student's Union building. However Paul Rodgers has stated he penned the original lyrics for the song.
On that day, Free also performed "Ride on Pony", "Woman", "The Stealer", "Be My Friend", "Mr Big", "Fire and Water", "I'm a Mover", "The Hunter" and concluded with one cover, a rendition of Robert Johnson's legendary "Crossroads". ROCK ROCK ROCK!

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  1. Great song, great Blog, keep on goin´ =)