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"EN El QUARTO VERDE " by John Culqui

John Sebastian Culqui (1972-present)

John S. Culqui was born in Lennox, California. John is a first-generation Ecuadorian American and the youngest of eight children. His exposure to the arts began at home as he observed his mother designing custom dresses for her clients and his father, a master jeweler, creating new pieces. John's family maintained their South American heritage while assimilating themselves to American cultural. This dual tradition would become the catalyst for John's artistic endeavors.

A typical Southern California kid growing up in the 70's and 80's, John spent a lot of time outdoors and visiting local beaches, skateparks and backyard bowls often.

"I remember as a kid going to the Dockwieler State Beach with my family. It was a ten minute drive from our home on Osage Avenue, straight down on Imperial Highway. The smell of the beach air was fresh and salty. The color of the water was this blue gray in the morning and in the afternoon the skies would clear it became a blue green and always cold. I now try to capture these smells and colors in my surf-themed art, along with the familiar Southern California landmarks such as the smoke stacks at El Porto, the ominous oil derricks looming just beyond the horizon up and down the coast and the nuclear power plant at San Onofre State Beach."

After graduating from high school, John attended Woodbury University in Burbank, California where John studied architecture and earned his degree. Upon completing his studies John took up painting as a way to stay creative, but John's training in architectural design fundamentals influenced his unique style and composition.

"I generate my art for the purpose that most artists do, to create dialogue, awareness, emotion and or a memory. In my skate and surf art, I want the viewer to feel the motion of the water, the moving board, smell the water and concrete, and to feel the grit of the wheels touching the asphalt. I hope to create enough iconographical clues throughout my painting that the viewer looks closer and ask questions as to what it all means. And, a way to make a more personal connection between myself, the viewer and the overall work"

John's work holds appeal for anyone who loves the Southern California culture and lifestyle. It showcases the iconic images of the coastal culture along Pacific Coast Highway and makes one long for summer. When viewing John's work, one can't help to feel as though they're dropping into a bowl or carving a wave. Watching an iconic SoCal sunset and feeling like a character from Endless Summer or Single Fin Yellow.
....a nice gift for the Boda Surfamily by John Culqui.....

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Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

LSD causes expansion and an altered experience of senses, emotions, memories, time, and awareness for 6 to 14 hours, depending on dosage and tolerance. Generally beginning within thirty to ninety minutes after ingestion, the user may experience anything from subtle changes in perception to overwhelming cognitive shifts. Changes in auditory and visual perception are typical. Visual effects include the illusion of movement of static surfaces ("walls breathing"), after image-like trails of moving objects ("tracers"), the appearance of moving colored geometric patterns (especially with closed eyes), an intensification of colors and brightness ("sparkling"), new textures on objects, blurred vision, and shape suggestibility. Users commonly report that the inanimate world appears to animate in an unexplained way; for instance, objects that are static in three dimensions can seem to be moving relative to one or more additional spatial dimensions. Many of the basic visual effects resemble the phosphenes seen after applying pressure to the eye and have also been studied under the name "form constants". The auditory effects of LSD may include echo-like distortions of sounds, changes in ability to discern concurrent auditory stimuli, and a general intensification of the experience of music. Higher doses often cause intense and fundamental distortions of sensory perception such as synaesthesia, the experience of additional spatial or temporal dimensions, and temporary dissociation.LSD is considered an entheogen because it can catalyze intense spiritual experiences, during which users may feel they have come into contact with a greater spiritual or cosmic order. Users claim to experience lucid sensations where they have "out of body" experiences. Some users report insights into the way the mind works, and some experience permanent shifts in their life perspective. LSD also allows users to view their life from an introspected point of view. From this point of view, a user can travel back in time to a specific moment or memory and relive that moment again. Some users report using introspection to resolve unresolved or negative feelings towards an individual or incident that occurred in the past. Some users consider LSD a religious sacrament, or a powerful tool for access to the divine. Dr. Stanislav Grof has written that religious and mystical experiences observed during LSD sessions appear to be phenomenologically indistinguishable from similar descriptions in the sacred scriptures of the great religions of the world and the secret mystical texts of ancient civilizations.In the 1950s and 1960s, psychiatrists like Oscar Janiger explored the potential effect of LSD on creativity. Experimental studies attempted to measure the effect of LSD on creative activity and aesthetic appreciation. 70 professional artists were asked to draw two pictures of a Hopi Indian kachina doll, one before ingesting LSD and one after.

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....a little breeze, the ocean and a peaceful heart...

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.. Bernardo Sodrè is a brasilian artist and surfer ,graduated in idustrial design in 2005 in Rio de Janeiro. He builds with sustainable materials, Alaia, surfboards and skate. Check out his site for more work. Enjoy

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PEARL JAM"Amongst the Waves"

Pearl Jam Oceans from Pearl Jam on Vimeo.

Available July 6th on iTunes, proceeds from the U.S. sale of Pearl Jam's video "Amongst the Waves" will benefit Conservation International's Ocean Campaign. To learn more about this campaign and Conservation International's Ocean Initiatives, visit