Thursday, 2 June 2011


Since the 1950s, American animator Robert Breer has been well-known for his films exploring shape, color, perspective and motion. His work exhibits innovative graphic and dramatic interpretation as well as great wit and humor, and has inspired generations of other filmmakers. Robert Breer's prolific career as painter, sculptor, animator, and filmmaker began in Paris in 1950. He is well-known for drawing by hand on 4x6 index cards and animating those drawings in the camera. His film captures some aspects of beat poetry and music in its fragmented, collage aesthetic. Later in his career, he experiemented with commercial animation. In November, 1976 he appeared on Screening Room to screen and discuss his short films Recreation, A Man and His Dog Out for Air, 69, Gulls and Buoys, Fuji, and Rubber Cement.

from the Screening Room series
by Robert Gardner

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