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Rabbit Kekai (November 11, 1920-) is a professional surfer and innovator of surfing. He was the master of surfing in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s and also winner of the Peruvian and Makaha International titles.Albert "Rabbit" Kekai was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1920, he lived with his five siblings and parents near the shores of Waikiki. Kekai got his first taste of surfing at the age of three when his lifeguard uncle taught him how to surf. By the age of five, Kekai was surfing on his own. With surfing becoming a part of his life, Kekai looked to his role models of surfing. At the age of ten, Duke Kahanamoku taught Kekai to become a better at surfing and outrigger canoeing.
Although surfing was becoming a part of Kekai's life, Kekai also concentrated on school work. He excelled in academics and was offered athletic scholarships for college, but Kekai didn't continue his education after high school. Instead, Kekai went into the workforce earning a living on and off the beach through numerous odd jobs.

By the mid-30s, Kekai rose in the ranks of surfing and innovated hotdogging on the shortboard, drop-knee turns on short, and surfed on finless boards. Kekai also began to surf on the North Shore which has become a popular surfing ground to this day.
Like many people, Kekai was involved in World War II. In the part of the war, Kekai was stationed in Haleiwa. Kekai wouldn't lay waste to years of surfing, after his duties for the day was done, Kekai would be seen surfing. Kekai would be involved in the Pacific Theatre helping deploy underwater charges for UDT to destroy Japanese ships allowing a pathway for American troops to capture Federated States of Micronesia from Japan. After three years of service, Kekai discharged from the Navy.
Rabbit Kekai would become one of the founding members of the Waikiki Surf Club and helped the club win numerous surfing championships and canoe races. Kekai would also win numerous international surfing titles independently. However by the 50s, Kekai began to pass down the surf techniques to a younger generation. Joey Cabell, Donald Takayama, Harold Iggy, and countless others has taught by Kekai. He also catered to famous people too teaching them basics while vacationing in Hawaii.
ARTWORKS BY TIM EARLEY please visits Today, Rabbit Kekai is married and is a great-grandfather. Kekai is still an avid surfer and looks quite young for his age.

The Rabbit Kekai keiki surf contest is held every year at Waikiki Beach to promote surfing for Hawaii's children. Rabbit Kekai attends the contest each year and presents the prizes to the winners.

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