Tuesday, 25 October 2011


TransparentSea is an ongoing awareness campaign aimed at highlighting coastal environmental issues with particular attention given to cetaceans (whales and dolphins) and the waters they inhabit.

The first journey took place in Australia in 2009 and was conceptualised by world renowned freesurfer, Dave Rastovich and fellow Surfers For Cetaceans co-founder and activist, Howie Cooke.

The primary intention was to highlight the plight of humpback whales and the threat faced by Japanese whaling fleets. In addition, beach clean-ups were performed in collaboration with coast care management groups Surfrider Foundation and Tangaroa Blue.

The campaign, which involved a rotating roster of like-minded individuals who sailed, surfed and kayaked their way some 700km from the seaside town of Byron Bay to iconic Bondi Beach, Sydney, took six weeks to complete and it was very successful, generating international media attention.

Dance of the 100 Dolphins from TransparentSea Voyage on Vimeo.

A 44-minute documentary was also produced which has since screened on TV in Australia and New Zealand and at numerous film festivals.

The second TransparentSea journey is what you're reading about right here!

We're following the southern migration of the California Grey Whale whale throughout the month of October, joining them near Santa Barbara in northern Cali on October 1st then heading down over four weeks to conclude near the USA-Mexico boarder on the 25th.

Along the way we'll be engaging key community groups and drawing attention to the causes they support.

TransparentSea Voyage - Part 4 from TransparentSea Voyage on Vimeo.

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