Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Waxhead Diaries #5- BMT Getting Involved in Sydney

The Waxhead Diaries #5- BMT Getting Involved in Sydney from Josh Simpson on Vimeo.

In 1967 the WindanSea Club from the USA lined up to compete against the Australians in a surfboard riding contest at Long Reef Beach, Sydney.

Ted Spencer went on to win on Little Red, ahead of Midget Farrelly and Russell Hughes 3rd. It was an Aussie whitewash and a historical event. It was the first 'Shortboard contest'.

April 2011 saw The Waxhead Diaries' Matt Chojnacki and visiting guests Alex Knost, Alex Kopps and pshycadelic Dave from Brown Microwave Television- somewhat coincedently recreate this pivotal event in surf history.

During this time the Brown Microwave Television experiments were going down. Gothic Dolphins were flying. Transitional surfboards were being created. Art shows funding the daily routine.

Long Reef Beach is under threat from mass development. As these transitional minded surfers do; support the cause... preserve surfing history, a landscape which has seen the best involvement surfing in the world and held the first shortboard contest.​​

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