Thursday, 17 November 2011

Ron Church

Ron ChurchRon Church was one of the pioneering photographers of surfing and surf culture in California and Hawaii during the 1960s, shooting legends from Duke Kahanamoku to Greg Noll. His photos captured the surf culture of the time beautifully, both the action in the water and the wider culture, the people, on the beach, in the parking lots, at the pier… His photographs make up a good deal of the archive of iconic photos from surfing and Californian cultures' history.Born in 1934, in Denver, Colorado. In the 40s Ron moved to Southern California where he became an accomplished waterman; originally diving, spear fishing, surfing and notably, he was an award-winning underwater photographer… In the 60s Ron adapted this experience to bring a unique and pioneering perspective to surf photography, shooting surfers from within the impact zone.Back to topTragically Ron died young, at only 39. But his work inspired a new breed of surf photographer, still inspiring modern day surf photographers. His work is captured in two great books; "Surf Contest" and The Surfer's Journal's "California to Hawaii 1960 to 1965".via and

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