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John Lamb is an Oscar winning film producer/director, animator, and artist. John has been called "the most famous unknown surf artist in the world". From surf culture animation, to skateboards, to an Academy Award, Lamb's work has consistently been in the public eye since the 1970s.

In the early '70s, Lamb's animation was seen in many seminal surf movies, such as "5 Summer Stories". Lamb even created the first "aerial maneuver" on film through his surf character "Willie Maykett" in the animated short "Secret Spot", featured in the surf documentary "Forgotten Island of Santosha" (1974)In 1975 "Willie Maykett" was licensed by Hang Ten; the artwork was featured on their first fiberglass skateboards, which can be seen in this 1975 NBC newscast on the new skateboarding phenomenon .

Most recently, "Secret Spot" was honored by the California Surf Museum in Oceanside, Ca. with a dedicated mural, hand painted by Lamb with a bigger than life wave scene and classic Lamb-style tikis, palm trees, hot rods and the iconic Secret Spot surfer. Co-created with Brett Hazzard, Lamb's "Secret Spot" installation is an outdoor event, host to openings, premiers and surf events of all types at the groundbreaking museum. See the mural's start and sky-bending finish on youtube5 Summer Stories ANIMATION-- iconic surf movie classic -- featuring animation by John Lamb. The segment used in the movie is from Rocket 88, a 5 1/2 minute surf cartoon that was complete but never finished. ..1975..The unedited film was finally assembled in somewhat
of an original sequential order after 30 years. However, it remains unedited and ROCKET 88 can be seen on You Tube with 2 different sound tracks, the math metal track being the favorite.Secret Spot- 1974- First animated film by Laguna Beach artist John Lamb comprised of 2,200 watercolor drawings animated straight ahead. Premiered with "Forgotten Island of Santosha" at the South Coast
Theatre in Laguna 1974. Hal Jepsen and Australian filmaker Chris Bystrom both licensed the short for "We Got Surf "and "Thunder Down Under". Also The character was then merchandised on Hang Ten skateboards and evolved into the 5 Summer Stories cartoon, Rocket 88, which took a more technical approach using celluloid acetate
and psycadelic backgrounds. The worlds first AIR is captured in this short, preceding reality by 10 years at least. Chuck Jones (celebrity judge at a college film fest) quotes ..." I've lived in So. Cal my entire life and this is as close to surfing as I've ever gotten". all the original elements are amazingly still intact.

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