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Lloyd Godman photography

In 1973 I decided to surf Hawaii with Chris Brock who was a good friend of the legendary George Greenough. George’s footage for the last 13 minutes of the movie Crystal Voyager is a knock out – Pink Floyd composed the music in exchange for the footage for a light show. After the Hawaiian experience, Chris sailed from California to Australia with George, so I was very informed about his work. George has always been a huge influence on me; he is so focused on his work.

As Ha‘ena State Park was coming into being with the break-up of the Hui Ku‘ai ‘Aina, actress Elisabeth Taylor's brother purchased a parcel of coastal land in the area. As Carlos tells it, Howard Taylor went to acquire building permits to construct a home on the property. However, the State would not grant him such a permit, since they were planning to condemn the land. At the same time, however, they insisted that he still pay full taxes on the land. In disgust, Taylor turned the land over to the "flower power people." Drifting young drop-outs from the outside world came to this piece of land and gradually came to form a makeshift community that took the name "Taylor Camp."
Polihale State Park Kauai, 1974 Photo Lloyd Godman
While in Hawaii, Chris and I lived for 9 months in a tree house constructed of clear plastic and bamboo that wound its way up three stories to the tree’s canopy. The grove of trees was on Elizabeth Taylor’s brothers land close to the beach. The developers were just building the first Condos along the beach front at Hanelei around this time. Coming from suburban Dunedin in the South of New Zealand, a place where walls and roofs were thick and insulated to keep out the cold, and windows were glassed, I was suddenly immersed deep in a tropical nature. It was fantastic!
Marty sailing us from Haena to Hanalei Bay, north shore of Kauaʻi island in Hawaii 1974 Photo Lloyd Godman
There were no streets, lights, electricity, etc and for many people it might have been threatening. But I delighted in the sounds of rain on the thin transparent roof, thunder – lightening, the wind through the mesh windows, the sound of the ocean, the wing beat and call of the passing birds, every leaf falling on the roof and the plop of the falling Java Cherries hitting their mark. The moist scent of flowers and leaves passed though the house with every rainfall. At this time I also began a small vegetable and herb garden out the back of the house. The total experience further strengthened my connections and sensitivity with nature. Some of the work from this period was published in Australian Photography magazine Oct 1978. And best of all we surfed every day.
Tunnels Haena, north shore of Kauaʻi island in Hawaii - 1974 Lloyd Godman
Chris Brock surfing Tunnels Haena, north shore of Kauaʻi island in Hawaii - 1974 - Photo Lloyd Godman

Surfing Tunnels reef, Haena, north shore of Kauaʻi island in Hawaii - 1974
Surfing Tunnels Haena, north shore of Kauaʻi island in Hawaii - 1974 - Photo - Lloyd Godman
arieal view from Makana Peak, Bali Hai, the mountain above Taylor camp Haena, Hawaii, 1974 - our house is on the right of the track leading into the bush. Photo Lloyd Godman
Our plastic Tree house, Taylor Camp, Haena, on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, 1974 many of the Paw Paw trees were planted by us and other residence.

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  1. Great reading. My name is Steve Voegtli, I lived in the same tree house as you. I had a 1953 chevy. Left the island for Christmas had a major ear infection and never made it back to Taylor camp. I I'm not a computer guy so I really didn't think I could find rised and happy. I hope you remember me.
    Give me a call 818 601 7862