Monday, 30 January 2012


The History of Captain Goodvibes
The Captain first appeared at the end of a pen one night in the autumn of 1973. Small but imperfectly formed, he was as surprised as anyone by his success and quite rightly saw his popularity as a licence to behave badly. He started binge drinking before he could breathe and abusing substances as diverse as plutonium and sausage mince before he could think, a gift he still struggles to master.

He took gratuitous filth, violence and bad dietry practices out of the gutter and onto a beach near you, souring young lives and stealing the promise of a bright future from their tiny hands.He blighted the pages of Tracks for about 8 years,polluted the air waves for a couple more and as if to demonstrate the breadth of his genius, embarked on a variety of ill advised projects that bought misery and financial ruin to all concerned.

Always one to rest on his laurels he has lovingly rebuilt this oasis of bad taste as a refuge for those oppressed by the designer desert around us. Welcome to the Captain's quagmire and please leave your maturity at the front door
.Tony Edwards

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