Friday, 27 January 2012


Back in 1974 when winters were long and surfboard sales were slow, I decided to make a small fleet of Greenough spoons to feed the growing family. Lots of labour, with not much materials outlay. There are 16 layers of fibreglass cloth in each one, with the original blank being ground away to almost nothing, just that thin rim of foam around the front end and rails.

All four sold fast, as these were as original as anyone could get. I’d lived with, surfed with, and shaped with George for most of the previous decade, and George never made a spoon for anyone but George. I made them in my little shed/shaping room in our farmhouse front yard on the edge of Lennox. One of these 4 spoons is now on display at Surf World, Currumbin.

All 4 of these photos courtesy of Peter Green.

Bob Mc Tavish via

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  1. one of the most intense way to vehicle yourself in and out of a tube, a visionary