Monday, 13 February 2012

GENE SUMMERS play "Taboo"

Listen to the winds from the desert's burning waste
Hear the words in a fire as it crackles to you
Heed these words and don't you forget
The devil is a woman
A red-headed woman
A firey-headed woman

Taboo had a lover many years ago
But her lover proved fickle and he left her all alone
She died in grief and took the witches curse
And she cries in her spirit
Now I am the devil
Forever man will atone

Made me love you so much
Lips mine could never touch
Devil that you are
You're the loveliest of all
With your hair of fire

Working in the mind of woman like a spider in his web
Taboo helps her lure and deceive me and you
Charm they call it as she drives you mad
It's the work of the devil
A red-headed devil
A firey-headed woman

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