Wednesday, 15 February 2012


White Wash, the documentary, is a film exploring the complexity of race in America through the eyes of the ocean. Examining the history of “black consciousness” as it triumphs and evolves into the minds of black surfers, we learn the power of transcending race as a constructive phenomenon. The story is narrated by the legendary, Grammy Award winner Ben Harper (Fistful of Mercy, Relentless 7, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals) along with Tariq “Blackthought” Trotter of the Grammy Award winning hip hop group, The Roots whom also originally scored the film.


  1. Yes, but what did you think of the film? I'm trying not to talk about the film on my blog since I'm a black surfer and know (and love) several of the people in the film. But I didn't like the film. I felt like it just kind of meandered without telling us that its point was. I had quite a few gripes with it as a surfer, not as a black surfer.

  2. What I find interesting is that the "dominant stereo type surfer" is white...Blond haired and blue eyed. WHEN surfing roots come from Polynesia... I personally know some Polynesians who look darker than some black people I know. I just think surfing should see no color, race or gender =)But I would really be interested in seeing this film though.