Thursday, 1 March 2012


Pocahaunted (often shortened by the band to ""P-Haunt"") was a psychedelic/drone/dub band based in Los Angeles, California founded in 2005 by Amanda Brown and Bethany Cosentino.

Amanda Brown co-founded Not Not Fun Records in 2006; she and friend Bethany Cosentino formed the duo Pocahaunted the following year. The group has released over a dozen albums, a few EPs/singles, and several split releases, generally preferring the vinyl and cassette formats over compact disc. Their releases often have handmade/hand-painted artwork. The group has toured heavily since its inception and has had its music released by a wide array of experimental record labels, including ones based in Europe. They disbanded in August 2010.

Pocahaunted's sound has undergone many stylistic shifts. Their early music was primarily based on improvised drones and filled with disorienting reverb and dub production techniques. During this time, they often called themselves "The Olsen twins of drone," in a tongue-in-cheek manner. Cosentino left for New York to focus on her sunshine pop project Best Coast ca. 2009, necessitating a lineup overhaul for Pocahaunted, including the addition of Brown's husband Britt Brown (a.k.a. Robedoor) on guitar and Diva Dompe (of Blackblack) on bass guitar and vocals. The band re-emerged in 2009 with a more upbeat, funk rock-based sound, while retaining dubby bass lines and a tribal overall sound.visit

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