Tuesday, 20 March 2012

We Are All Radioactive - official teaser

We Are All Radioactive - official teaser from Lisa Katayama on Vimeo.

WE ARE ALL RADIOACTIVE is a brand new online documentary film created by TokyoMango blogger Lisa Katayama and TED film director Jason Wishnow. It's about surfers rebuilding northern Japan after the earthquake and tsunami on 3.11.2011.

In the summer of 2011, a few months after the quake, we went to Japan to shoot interviews with locals, anti-nuclear activists, and global experts on radiation.

We also gave four video cameras to the locals so they can film their experience through their own lens while we're not there. ispiring by quality people

We're raising money on IndieGoGo now. Please donate + find out more at:

Join the conversation about WAAR on our Facebook fan page:

Produced by Lisa Katayama and Jason Wishnow
Directed by Jason Wishnow and Lisa Katayama
Editors: Alex Morgan and Yuko Inatsuki
Additional footage by: Hidehiko Ishimori, Kazuki Kasahara, Misaki Konno, Nagisa Konno, Ken Miura, Hiro Nagaike, Tomo Saito, Kazuya Satou, Autumn Ness Taira, Yuji Taira
Translation: Tact Sasajima
Web editor: Rachel Swaby
Web design: Digital Telepathy
Special thanks: Phil Day, Joe Sabia, Tomo Saito, Cameron Sinclair

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