Monday, 2 April 2012

JHON PECK web site

My name is John Peck. I was born in LA Ca. in 1944 and raised mostly in So Cal and Hawaii. At 14, in Hawaii, I learned how to surf. Life, for me, has mostly been focused around surfing since. I learned how to shape surfboards by watching masters like Dick Brewer, Mike Diffenderfer, Pat Curren, Mike Hynson, and Lesley Potts in the 60’s. I shaped the first Penetrator in 1966 for Morey Pope Surfboards, and have been designing and shaping ever since. Welcome to my web site. I now offer numerous designs and services for the discerning surfer who wants the benefits of extended experience and quality. Let me know any way I may help the quality of your surfing life experience improve…. Eternal Love JP Aum visit

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