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Kina Malpartida Dyson (born March 25, 1980) is a Peruvian female professional boxer. She is the 2009 World Boxing Association Champion in the Super Featherweight class.

Malpartida was born in Lima, Peru in 1980 to Susy Dyson and Oscar Malpartida. Malpartida’s mother, Susy Dyson, is English and worked as a supermodel with a record number of magazine covers in Vogue, and she also had many covers at Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, and other world class magazines; she was also one of the best known worldwide models participating in many high end fashion shows. Oscar Malpartida was three times the Peruvian National Surfing Champion and he also placed 3rd in a World Championship at Sunset Beach, Hawaii. Oscar also won the Paddling World Title named after Duke Kahanamoku in San Diego, California. Oscar was also a very passionate skydiver which ended up costing him his life at the young age of 43.

Inclined to sports from a very young age, Kina started practicing Karate Do when she was six. Besides Karate, she also played competitive soccer, basketball, tennis, and track and field. Kina has surfed since she was 10. In 1996 Kina became the Peruvian Surfing Champion in the Women’s Open World Surfing Championship, defeating former surf champion Sofia Mulanovich. In 1995 Kina won first place in two surf tournaments in the Men's Jr. category. In 1996 and in 2007, Kina competed in two World Tournaments organized by the International Surfing Association (ISA) in Huntington Beach, California. She ranked in the top ten in both cases. In 1999, Kina moved to Australia and obtained a Bachelor’s Business Degree in Restaurant and Catering Management from Griffith University, Queensland.

She also completed a one year course of Commercial Cookery at the TAFE Institute in New South Wales, Australia.
Currently, Kina is being trained by Mario Morales in the Azteca Boxing Club, in Bell Gardens, California.


In May 2003, Kina started training as a boxer under the guidance of the Coach Tony Simms, in the city of Currumbin in the Gold Coast, Australia, with the intention of becoming a World Champion professional boxer. In August 2003, in Australia, Kina had her first professional fight against Katrina Harding, Kina won by unanimous decision. In November 2003,in Australia, Kina had her second professional fight against Sharon Bishoff winning by K.O. at the first minute of the second round. Kina continued fighting and winning three more professional fights in Australia. In November 2006, due to the difficulty of finding new opponents in Australia, Kina moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue her professional boxing career in the USA. On February 21, 2009, Kina had her 12th professional fight at the Madison Square Garden in New York against Maureen Shea (13-0-0) in which Kina won the World Boxing Association (WBA) World Championship Title of the Super Featherweight at 130 pounds. In June 2009, Kina defended successfully her title in Lima, Peru, stopping Halana Dos Santos, from Brazil (11-1-0), with a TKO at the 7th round. Once again, on the fifth of December, she successfully defended her title against the British boxer Lindsey Scragg in the Citizens Business Bank Arena of Los Ángeles winning by unanimous decision.


Kina has championship written in her blood coming from her family.

Kina’s younger brother Alvaro Malpartida, is also a competitive surfer who has been the Peruvian National Surfing Champion four times and he is currently starting to compete in international surfing events. Currently in the internet there are many fan clubs of Kina. The number of fans in Facebook alone, in South America exceeds one hundred seventy thousand and growing. Kina has managed to develop an enormous following -with a sold-out event on her fist defense of the WBAWorld Champion title.

The leadership of Kina winning and defending successfully her WBA Championship Belt, has caused her to become a role model for women and children in South America. In July 2009 the powerful Latin Business Association (LBA), during their Annual Sol Awards Ceremony at the Century Biltmore Hotel awarded Kina the Chairman’s Global Leadership Award due to her outstanding role as a leader at a global level and as a role model for women and children.

Kina is in the process of organizing the Kina Dynamite Foundation for poor and disadvantaged children. After her first defense of her title, Kina spent considerable amount of time participating in charitable events for poor and disadvantaged children in the north part of Peru. Kina’s heart has always been concerned about the welfare of children and women and now thanks to her recognition as a World Boxing Champion and as a leader she has the opportunity to make her Foundation a reality with the purpose of helping children in need. With her popularity in South America, Kina has been appearing in a series of commercial advertisings in pictures and videos helped by her good looks. (from Wikipedia)


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