Friday, 29 June 2012

Andy Warhol Screen Test

Andy Warhol's Screen Tests are a series of silent film portraits consisting of several-minute unbroken shots of Factory regulars, Warhol superstars , celebrities, guests, friends, or anyone he thought had "star potential".The films were made between 1964 and 1966 at Warhol's Factory studio in New York City . Subjects were captured in stark relief by a strong key light, and filmed by Warhol with his stationary 16mm Bolex camera on silent, black and white, 100-foot rolls of film at 24 frames per second . The resulting two-and-a-half-minute film reels were then screened in ' slow motion ' at 16 frames per second.
Many of the Screen Tests were arranged in different compilations such as 13 Most Beautiful Women , 13 Most Beautiful Boys , and 50 Fantastics and 50 Personalities . This was done with the intention of pleasing certain audiences who Warhol was exhibiting his art to.
Over 500 screen tests were made, but not all kept.for more visit

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