Saturday, 16 June 2012

Warriors of Radness- Cruising

It's summertime and not only is it time to enjoy the beach, but when the weather warms up so does the cruising scene at popular California surf spots. A pumping summer swell at Malibu Surfrider Beach makes some surfers eager to continue that pump on land. And there's quite a bit different pecking order out of the water, if you know what I mean. At the beaches on the south side of Venice Beach there's an eclectic mix of world travellers searching for a little party and play, along with veteran down low Suicidal Tendencies homeboys with other tendencies. Way down in Orange County there's the johns at 15th street in Newport otherwise known as Schoolyards. The break there is referred to the Newport Pipeline and the bathrooms are known as a local spot for pipe laying with accommodating strangers. Now I know what you're thinking: does Schoolyards refer to a cruising spot full of young ones? Sorry to disappoint you but you won't find any underage boys here (perhaps they're all at the church down the street). The last spot we'll clue you to is Blackies in Newport. If the local blonde nubile surfers isn't your thing, weekends and early evenings bring many inlanders to the Blackies bathrooms for some coastal fun. Problem is it's mainly a bunch of Inland Empire trolls. Happy California Cottaging!

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  1. funny yards....a coupla weeks ago actually, some dude went into the bathrooms, the womens bathroom at that, to... I assume, smoke some pot, do some "fun stuff". Some women jogger, told me about it, I said "I don't know..." she flagged down the Police, and they went into the bathroom, apprehended the guy, questioned him, and took him away. STUPID! However, the waves were really FUN that day! Chest high, super fun wedges. Just a funny a story guys....
    Oh yeah, check out the Suicidal Tendencies
    1982 or 1983 demo session..... way better than the LP they released on Lisa Franchers Frontier Records........waaaayyyyy better