Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Kemp Aaberg

Before Gidget there was nothing. Well... certainly at the time surfing went public with the release of "Gidget" in 1959, few had any idea the movie would launch a billion dollar sports industry. "Gidget", was loosely based on the adventures of Kathy Kohner a Westwood High School tomboy who learns to surf with "the guys at Malibu". Kemp Aaberg was one of those "guys" and one of her high school friends. Aaberg, a tremendous natural athlete, later went on to become a Malibu lifeguard. He fit the image of a young, blond, wave rider that has become the sport's prototype. As one of the stuntmen for the surfing scenes in Gidget, Kemp along with Mickey Dora and Johnny Fain made up the crew that introduced the world to surfing. The rest is history.....continue to

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