Monday, 13 May 2013

ACID magazine

No1 No2 Acid is a publishing project looking at surfing through the prisms of exploration and everyday life. Shortly after surfing had become important for us, we felt the need to portray surfing in a broad context and explore its fringes with art, science, philosophy and poetry. So we’ll do just that, trying hard not to sound too serious. In print Our magazine is a vehicle for ideas we don’t see fitting online. We put it out every 8 to 10 months approximately, depending on how satisfied we are with the content. Online On this website we chronicle our everyday surf because we think there is beauty and humor in mundanity. Even more so when the said mundanity happens in Barcelona and around. Credits Editorship by Bertrand Trichet and Olivier Talbot Design by Jad Hussein Web by Jeremy Bornerand Published by 19-80 Éditions

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