Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Bing Surfboards - The Boardroom: Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters 10/5/13 - 10/6/13 from Aaron Kim PLUS 11 hours ago NOT YET RATED The Boardroom convention is an event dedicated to the surfboard and those who build them. The Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters shape off is an invite only contest where shapers are asked to reshape a board of the past from a Master Shaper. This year at the Orange County event a Terry Martin longboard was the board that needed to be replicated. Donated by Royce Cansler, the 9'6" Legacy surfboard is one of many masterpieces created by the late great Terry Martin. A big thanks goes out to Rick Starick for helping me with advice for this video. I also want to say thanks to the Bing family (Matt & Margaret Calvani, Bing Copeland, Royce Cansler and Adam Cap) for making me feel at home and for working with me on this video. Enjoy.

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