Thursday, 31 October 2013

UFO 2012

UFO 2012 TALKS TO FLUR MAGAZINE Free spirits, open minds, and surfing ¨galactic waves¨ is what gives birth to LA's new Psychedelic band, UFO 2012. Not only are they new to the music world, but they also give a twist to all the other genres out there. Co- founded by professional long boarder Kassia Meador and artist Aska Matsumiya, created UFO 2012 in Venice Beach, CA along with it's seven other members which consists of music producer and musician Farmer Dave Scher, models Noot Seear and Kelsey Margerison, fashion photographer David Mushegain, and art director/ visual artist Sean Line. The group's members connect through their similar lifestyles. Being artistic in their own unique ways, while riding waves together during the day, the band was able to improvise their music in a way that it became something more than just music, but a form of meditation. Naturally, their music is of a serene background, using crystal bowls, beats, whale sounds, and soothing vocals. What they have created and shared surpasses what calls any band, “a band,"" rather a movement to create some deep, moving sounds and life experiences that they share together. To hear more on UFO2012, you can parchase their vinyl on via

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